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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 21, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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this lasted for at least two minutes. the driver has been ticketed for harassment and i am proper use of a horn. they should be in new york. >> sounds like it. >> it is time to get scrambled up. eric bolin is here. what do you have? involvement. >> it is the titantic. >> have a great week. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: kgif. we would get that today. it is friday. september 21st, i am gretchen carlson. remember when the white house insisted that the attack on libya had nothing to do with terrorism? >> this was a spontanous and not a premedicated response to what happened in cairo. >> gretchen: now the story is changing and now they are admitting it was terror, but
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the president is not on the same line. we'll explain. >> eric: we know the attack had nothing to do with the anti-islam film. the sorry adcosting you $70,000. >> brian: and the video to restore your faith in american's animal. a baby goat stranded in the water until another animal watching the rescue. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ ♪ the whole wide world has gone crazy. ♪ baby why don't we just sing.
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>> gretchen: it is officially the last day of summer today it is a bitter sweet day. guess what, we are going to celebrate. we have country music star josh turner performing with us throughout the show. it sounds good this hour of the morning. >> brian: we usually have to play recorded. but josh turner was ready in the first half. >> eric: his voice is phenomenal. >> brian: if it wasn't would you have told him. >> eric: yeah. the whole band. >> gretchen: we'll be celebrating the last day of summer with josh turner and the rest of you in the meantime. three years after it began, the surge of u.s. troops to afghanistan is over. additional 33,000 militaries are out of the country. defense secretary leon panetta
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said the surge accomplished the objective of accomplishing the taliban momentum on the battlefield. this coming as the transition is threatened by a spike in insider attacks killing american trops and nato forces. botched fast and furous controversy far from over. they are admitting 1300 guns that are not accounted for in mexico and the united states. many of them are aka assault rifles. two of them were found in a site that killed briantery. dark knight shooter ditching the joker costume. james holmes appeared in court without dyed hair. he seemed to pay attention and smiled as prosecutors dropped their fight to get the
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notebook. it contained violent description of a planned attack. look at shocking video. a soccer player picked up a live grenade and toss itself off to the size before it explodes. it happened in the asian quarter match and believed that someone threw it on the field. no one was hurt but the game was called. those are your headlines this morning. >> eric: that is unbelievable. and replacing russian football? >> brian: good thing. and that would be 20 minute to review the grenade on the field and realized it was illegal. you are talking about the game where the giants won. we'll have highlights later. most people are saying it was a week since the benghazi attacks and amazing how the administration has been off message despite the evidence on the ground that it was a
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preplanned organized terrorist attack and dare i say al-qaida . now the administration seems to have seen the light and starting to realize that the indication are that this was indeed a terrorist attack. >> gretchen: it is interesting. even though it appears they came full circle. the spokesperson for the president had a different than the president within a couple of hours. let's see what jay carny said aboard air force one. it is a reporter gaggle and hard it here. here is the quote. i think it is self evident what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. our embassy was attacked and the result of four deaths of american officials. again, that is self evident. that is not what jay carny said a few days ago and susan
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rice ambassador to the united nations said on the talk shows on sunday. what changed the opinion in the public where they felt compelled to change the story is when matt olsen testified earlier this week on capt apt hill and he said it was terrorism, and then maybe they were caught in a bind. now an official saying it. maybe we have to change our story. >> eric: matt olsen testified and jay carny said he continued to blame the movie after matt olseven said it was probably terrorism and most likely tied to al-qaida. their message was mixed, but why did they come back it terrorism? they realized that we were staying and report so much and digging into it they had to come clean. it looks like they were trying to cover up. it looks better for the administration if you blame
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the movie and you don't blame a preplanned attack. >> brian: because you can't say al-qaida is on the run. but bin laden is dead. and cbs said that story, we are talking to witnesses on the ground witnesses said there was no demonstration and got morphed in a terrorist attack. so far all they hear is a terrorist attack and found our guys in the safe house. you only get that out of organization. i think john mccain should get an apology. susan rice is not telling the truth or abysmally ignorant. they now adhit it was a terrorist attack. it was a militia that got together and attacked. no, a militia didn't get together and just attack. it was organized from pakistan dispatched trusted operatives
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to form a al-qaida cell and changed their name and stayed under the wire. >> gretchen: the interesting thing discussed yesterday on the show whether or not the administration would come out and clarify and the media clarify. when i came in listening to the radio reports, no. headline is that the obama administration said the libya attack was a terrorist attack. it doesn't say original low that they said it wasn't. >> eric: they had to leave enough time few hours after our diplomats were killed. president obama got on air force won and did a fundraiser in vegas. if it is terror and the president decide to go to vegas and collect checks it looks worse. they bought time and put a week between that decision and now terror it makes him look
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better. >> brian: by the way, the president has attended the last five, and jay carny got snippy. he suggested to clarify this is our question to and from the producer. just to clarify. did it presidency that it was not an attack on 9/11? is that the administration or is that the president's view? jay carny said the attack occurred on september 11th. he used the same calendar on the white house that you do and yes, he sees it. >> yes, snippy, right. >> gretchen: you don't have to be a brain surgeon that september 11th something bad happened in 2001 and to be snippy about that date, i don't think is amusing. what does the president feel about this now? when jay carny admitted it was a terrorist attack. later on univision the
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president talked about the anti-muslim film. >> what we have seen over the last week and half is what we saw in the past where there is an offensive video or cartoon directed at the prophet mohammed, and this is obviously something that is used as an excuse by some to carry out inexcusable violent acts, directed at westerners and americans. >> we have reports that the white house said that the attacks in libya were terrorist attacks do. you have information indicating it was iran or al-qaida was behind it. >> we are still doing an investigation. >> are they? >> we don't know yet. we will continue to investigate this. >> gretchen: why would the president not admit it was a terrorist attack. there is a lot of the reasons
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behind 47 days out from the election, you don't want to admit to a terrorist attack. if the administration was behind the arab spring and being friendly and different kind of tact in which they delta with the muslim world. there is a lot of reasonns politically why they don't admit it was a terrorist attack. and now the pokesperson and president not in sync. >> brian: i think the 26 attacks on embassy showed his message is not getting through. terrorism exist exclude schooled on that and it is befuddling. meanwhile the state department is taking action to change our image over seas. despite that, that 14 minute trailer. that 14 minute trailer is out and countless demonstration and some of them violent inside of pakistan .
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eric they took action. >> eric: here's what they did. the state department and u.s. embassy put a reel of hillary clinton secretary of state, and president obama saying what they did and flip flopping on and it is the movie. >> brian: we denounce the movie. >> eric: had nothing to do with it? and now they know can coming around to the fact that it was preplanned terrorism. it is ridiculous to spend money apologizing. >> gretchen: here is sarah palin on that with her thoughts. >> how is that u.s. apology tour working out for you, mr. president? if our fearless leaders insist on waving a white flag like this, they need to bring our troops home from the middle east and if those in control of our troops lives and tax dollars going into things like
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capitulate and apologize for a first amendment right and freedom of spitch. shawn, our commander-in-chief is contradicting what our troops mission is, that is to protect freedom. >> brian: no word if the ads are air negligent muslim world and arab states. they gave their people day off to peacefully protest against us. >> eric: every time you do an ador blame the move yeterrorism, you just emboldened the terrorist cells and al-qaida. if you want to blame the movie. we'll slide under the radar. >> gretchen: we'll have a quick time out and don't bother pledging allegiance to the flag. that story straight ahead. that's why i give them carnationreakfast essentials. it'sacked with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein so kids get the nutrition they need to start the day right.
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race to the white house. first mitt romney took a hit and then president obama from 1998. >> the trick is how to pool resources and hence, facilitate some >> first nbc news refused to show. are they trying to protect the president's reputation. comments for the national review will answer that question for you. what do you think. >> the romney story was lejet mate and the obama redistribution video. remember joe the plumber. i think we should spread the wealth around. this is a big issue in the campaign and so it is balanced
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out. one video should get as much coverage as the recollect. not the case. >> gretchen: the obama tape, the theory was it was not authtenticated even though it showed the straight view of him. and mitt romney video it was harder to authenticate. i am not in that business. but maybe the romney one would have more question. >> but we knows that the claims and tape put up on mother jones website was not the case. there were questions about how it was done and who did it. look, are you going to believe me or lying eyes? obviously it was barack obama on the tape and for nbc to say it was not authtenticated is preposterous. >> gretchen: and what about
3:19 am
the mitt romney tape parts missing. >> standards for undercover video was murphy. when james o'keefe did the videos on acorn and epr. he put out the full video and you judge it. that was not the with the mitt romney tape . then turns out it was a critical minute or two missing right in the point that mitt romney made the remarks. i am not saying it is not legitimate but get your facts and standards right. >> gretchen: there were two other events that happened that caught your attention. the hatch investigation and justice and media matters collaborating. were they as biased as the first two? >> the hatch act is violated .
3:20 am
using federal resources. the thing about mrs. sebelius she did it in public . you would think that the tape would surface. i haven't seen it anymore . media matters and justice department, their collaboration is interesting. media matters is a partisan ideogical organization . basically smears people in the media and for the justice department press office in the job to explain the position and work with the media and for them to work with media matters to attack the media. that is propaganda more than justice department. >> gretchen: thank you for getting up bright and early with us today. is the united states negotiating with ejipt to let the blind sheik go free? show needs to be good looking. tim tebow's girlfriend needs
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>> eric: paul ryan back on the campaign trail with his mom in the conference in new orleans. ryan will out line the plans to strengthen medicare wh his mother betty who he calls a medicare mom. opening statements in the corruption trial against kilpatrick who is acaused of
3:25 am
running a enterprise out of city hall. >> brian: just days after the attack in libya. jay carny agreeing that the attack was a terrorist attack but the president blaming the violence on a youtube video. we'll talk about the back and forth and disconnect. and texas congressman louie goldberg. congressman, it seems like we are on two different pathsment state department picking out a panel . meanwhile, other entitis and cbs and fox news moving ahead with the investigation that shows one of the guys that led the attack was in gitmo in 2007. >> they don't watch enough fox news. the whole world new knew it was terrorist attack . knew it was not a video. everybody but the
3:26 am
administration. the world knows that these folks are demanding the release of worst murderers and seen in afghanistan a couple of times this year. they were talking about a guy that obama released from gitmo, for humanitarian purposes, is back in afghanistan leading the taliban and leading the killing of americans . so this is normal. this kind of thing is going on. these people have a terrible disconnect. john mccain said the same thing. others say he is playing politics. he said she is not telling the truth or abysmally ignorent. if we didn't have an election in november would the be on board? >> they are doing damage control and that's all it is. we had a briefing yesterday. i went to too many of them. only time they do that is trying to tamp down complaints
3:27 am
from congress about their ineptitude. everyone knew what went on. they lied about it as being a they are trying to push. when they allowed the member of the known terrorist organization first time in the white house back in july. what they wanted back in july was the release of murder and thugs and the white house let them in. >> brian: you are talking about president of egypt. >> morsi. >> brian: releasing a blind sheik who has a life sentence. but among those who think and a deal in the workings. do you believe that? >> that's the demand. morsi when he ran for president. i am going to pursue and get the release of the blind sheik. that's what they asked for and
3:28 am
pushed for . this administration knows that. and shows the complete disconnect of the administration. they talked about how great occupy wall street was. if you look at the video in front of the wall of our embassy in cairo. our cops are fatherless children. that is one of the slogans of the occupy movement. this administration embraces occupy and terrorist like nobody before. they are in such a disconnect that we are getting people killed because of it . not only that look at afghanistan, cent percent of the people killed was killed under president obama and not bush. this guy doesn't know what is going on. >> brian: i know you are fired up. you think the synergy and occupy and embassy movement sometime. thank you. coming up a drowning baby
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goat. saved by another animal. you got to see who came to the rescue. this olympian back to beat with a new partner. apolo onoand karina smirn off and happy birthday to uncle joey. he is 53. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster. there's so many choices, the gues love it! [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp. try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp for just $14.99! my name is gela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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>> goat in the water. >> brian: a baby goat struggling to keep his head above water just moments from drowning and look at what happens. a abe pig nudged it the baby goat. kind of like when you are struggling and i pull you in out of the segment. and save the day. and there is no water involved and just escoff gus. >> gretchen: saved his life that day.
3:34 am
>> eric: saved one guy's life a couple of times. >> gretchen: it is very cute video. republican scott brown and democrat elizabeth warren square off in a debate. it is one of the hardest fought and tightest. >> business and individuals are scared because of your policy of raising up to 3.4 trillion on the backs was our hard working citizen and that's something that people watch and. >> i want to be clear about the tax number that the senator came up with. it is not real. >> gretchen: latest poll shows brown with a lead over warren with 49 percent. warren with 45 percent. and the poll has a 5.5 percent margin of error. >> brian: jessica alba asking americans to pledge of
3:35 am
allegiance not of america but of obama. it symbolizes casting a vote for the president in november is keeping that promise. >> eric: cats have nine lives but what about dogs? i do all of the dogs and animals and you take the sports. and proven that he broke flee from the leash and almost got hit by a car before panicking and jumping off of the bridge. >> i was just sitting there crying hiserical thinking i will never see this dog again. >> eric: brandy the beagle swam to shore and reunited with her owner. the vet found bruises but brandy is a good girl. >> gretchen: future queen of england and heidi looks so
3:36 am
much like kate middleton she quit her wit dress yob. he went from $10 an hour to $1,000 per appearance. there is a similarity there, right. >> eric: i couldn't tell the difference. you are doing the pet stories. >> brian: joe, you are my witness. you said i have a bad feeling about the giants against the panthers. did i say that? i assume that is a yes. i had no reason to feel bad. giants beat carolina and scoring out of the 50 four possession. and on the road in charlotte . the super bowls without three starters due to injuries. they improved to 2-1 and cam newton didn't have it. and tim tebow's
3:37 am
photoissue. foc esing on tebow sometimes shirtless as he opens up looking for love. he's seeking a girl with a servant's heart and weet and kind . if he will get can another carry or chance to pass the ball. the important thing to thing for him making a difference in kid's lives. he is a great guy and he's on the wrong team. >> gretchen: wasn't thinking about the team. karina and apolo won the mirror ball trophy. but can they pull off another win together. they yoin us on the all-star season that premiers this monday . here they are apolo and karina. joining us bright and early. all-star season and people are looking forward to that. >> champions of the champions . we are live on monday and
3:38 am
almost every person on the show has won or runner up or a massive fan favorite. >> eric: we love sports and there is an odds on favorite. where is the mon yefavorite? >> i don't know right of now . vegas said we are favorites. i rather be the underdog. i think we are. and after monday we'll see what the it is. >> you are champions but not together. and have you improved . have you studied polo. how will you sinnerize the talent. it is a fast routine and other couples that have won before and actually couples that danced together. it is anyone's game. we are two days away from the premier. and it is nerve wracking . it is exciting.
3:39 am
>> gretchen: how long have you trained together. >> three and half years. no, i mean three and half weeks. >> three and half weeks every single day. >> gretchen: it must be relief because he knows the moves. >> that's what i was hoping for coming into this. >> gretchen: is this the slam. >> that was a case. he doesn't remember anything. from five years ago. >> brian: do you use the footprints on 1-800 number to learn how to dance. >> i don't know what those are. >> when i was on the show and taught by the prevous dance partner she taught me the coregravy. apolo 10 out of 10 for a samba can you do that. i would do what i was taught. karina is teaching me how to dance . teaching me core gravy as well
3:40 am
rita you called and asked her and you chose her, is that how it worked? >> no. the producer. >> they say. >> brian: here is your comp tession. pam anderson. and bristol palin who was successful and joey fatone . shawn johnson and drew lashay. >> gilles . who was the other guy on the first screen. >> gilles marini. >> and emith smith . he is a champion and he was one of the first ones. >> and cirsty ally. >> every person on the show have gone through the dances and know the. >> brian: you said something that was olympics to me all of the olympicss and qualifying, you are nervous for this? >> you were nervous.
3:41 am
>> i get more nervous for the dancing show than any race. i know when i am skating what i am doing. when you are dancing. have you seen the outfits they are ridic lis. >> brian: skating it is tights. >> eric: good luck on monday night. >> thank you for having us. >> eric: we as a group on the couch can we choose them. >> i think we should dance in threes. >> i wish we had time. >> gretchen: coming up next on the run down. people lining up to save the economy. iphone on sale in just over an hour . we'll chat with the thousands who are camping out. >> eric: group trying to take down fox news in cohoots with the department of justice. should the spokeswoman be
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to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> brian: this is a life shot from the new york apple store which is awesome and people are lined up since yesterday. that's where robert gray from fox news is this morning. how long have you been here? >> i haven't been here long as the folks behind me. they are waiting to get inside of the cube. it will open in an hours time. normally 24-7 and closed it for this event and no one creates a like like they do in manhattan. folks are waiting out and
3:46 am
stacey works on the intrepid. why are you here? >> i want to upgrade to my phone and works and i am here to do that and get updated with technology. >> what do you have now? >> the iphone 4. it came out a yea ago. what are you doing with the old phone. >> i am going to make up for what i am going to purchase and get money back and sell it on ebay and amazon and get a profit. >> is there one thing that drew you to the five. >> bigger creen and sleek better quality that is placed in the new product. >> i heard from a number of folks saying they have to have the latest and greatest. they could sell as many as 10 million before the month is out. >> it is too bad you couldn't
3:47 am
jump in there the night before. we'll look at the apple frenz yetalk about the action . it is now taking place on the couch, gretch. >> gretchen: media matters, left wing organization dedicated to taking down fox news is under the microscope. emaims show it colluded with the justice department to take down pieces of critics. it could cost media matters the tax exempt status, eric. >> eric: they are tax exempt and by the way. how much money do they save being tax exempt. >> if you donate to media matters it is tax deductible. they are able to attract more donors. >> gretchen: should someone be fair or balanced or a biased. >> it doesn't matter what i believe it is the law says you
3:48 am
can't advocate for specific political candidates. like the american cancer society, traditional charity. >> eric: talk about what the daily caller found. e-mails going back and forth from tracey smaller who is a top from the doj. and to media matters. do we want our department of the justice going back and forth and having this tight of a relationship with an organization like that? >> that is more what i am concerned about. you expect the department of the justice to be objective arbitrator. but when they are collaborating with the press with an organization that is got a political agenda that worries me the most. >> gretchen: media matters matt to tracey smaller at the tracey of defendant. i am working on debunking a
3:49 am
conservative myth and hoping you could help me out. that was july 8. tracey smallers. here's what i got back from budget folks. matt gertwhere. thanks for your help. here's the piece. so when you first saw the e-mails, what was your reaction? >> brian: obviously the government and media have a relationship. if you guys want to know what i am doing in my office you ask and i come back and give it to you. but going to an organization and basically helping them to spin a story is over the line certainly for the justice department. it doesn't pass the smell tempt >> eric: should eric holder fire her. >> i am not calling for heads but it is a mismanagement. >> eric: if we have uation
3:50 am
where the department of justice is e-mailing a left wing blog and asking them for. >> it is eric holder's head. you have fast and furous at his doorstep and ieg report said he probably shouldn't have -- have know but he should have gown. this is another example of the doj going wild. >> gretchen: >> gretchen: congressman, republican from texas. thank you for being with us. >> eric: planning on flying american airlines? stick around. things went from bad to worse. >> gretchen: can they change the work requirements and judge napolitano said there is precedent. up next. tgif. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> eric: the u.s. house of representative shooting down president obama's bypass of congress. changes would allow people in certain state to collect welfare checks for extra activities like bed rest and massage and massage and exercise and motivational reading. and gnaw the office reveals that members of the administration don't have the authority to change the work requirements and yet they are moving forward anyway. are they breaking the law. here is judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. >> eric: it looks like it was done outside of the law .
3:55 am
looks like they are pushing it through anyway . am i wrong? >> they are breaking the law. i will give you background. a lot of presidents, bill clinton and ronald reagan and george bush believed they could tweak the law and not enforce laws they don't want to enforce . they like laws and so there is precedence with presidents interfering. but in this case, the very thing that he is doing, the president and his people, removing the work requirements. serious work and not bed rest and helping friends run errands. you work for someone and they pay you for the work and you pay taxes on it. y the congress and rejected. president clinton himself argued against removing the work requirementt . so congress specifically and expressly. we are talking when bill clinton was president put the
3:56 am
work requirement in there. >> eric: with congress. >> yes, yes. >> eric: and now. >> it was a great accomplishment of the partnership of newt gingrich and bill clinton. a republican congress and democratic president. and end welfare as we know it and help those who need it and have a safety net but they must do lejet mate work. now 20 years later, president obama decides to break the law and act as if this clause specifically put in there you must work is not there. it is wrong and illegal and unconstitutional and he will get away with. he has little respect for the congress or constitution or laws that he disagrees with. >> eric: keep an eye on it. president obama revealing his biggest failure. his failure to create jobbings, right in maybe not so much . then the story creating controversy. should cheer leaderships be
3:57 am
allowed to hold signs with bible verses on them and account as free speech or not. ♪ ♪ but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> gretchen: tgif, it's friday, september 21. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your day with us. significance days ago, the white house insisted the attack had nothing to do with terrorism. >> it was a spontaneous, not premeditated, response to what transpired in cairo. >> gretchen: now we know that's wrong. they were lying or were they just confused? we report and you decide. >> brian: president obama making a surprising admission. >> the lesson learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> brian: even with the full control of congress in the
4:01 am
president admits he can not get the job done perhaps? hear from both sides straight ahead. >> eric: friday fight lights and god is not invited. it's atheists versus the cheerleaders. they just want to inspire the team. "fox & friends" hour two, right now. ♪ . >> gretchen: it's the last day of summer, guys? >> eric: boo. >> gretchen: to celebrate and make us feel better, we have josh turner, country music star performing for us this morning. i like all those wows. thank you very much. this is fire cracker from josh turner. gets us up and moving on a friday morning, right? puts new a good mood. >> brian: we'll find out if they
4:02 am
can actually perform on turf 'cause we'll roll it up for the whole fall. >> eric: is there barbecue out there today? >> gretchen: i haven't smelled it. >> brian: i don't think so. i didn't see them grinding up cabbage, so i know there is no cole slaw. >> gretchen: that's as good. >> brian: we have a lot to discuss. both candidates were in a battle ground state and actual will he campaigning yesterday. so we have a back and forth, much more traditional, we'll share it with you shortly. >> gretchen: nearly three years after it began, the surge sneerly over. the 33,000 military sent over are now home. facet at that said the surge did accomplish the objective. 68,000 american forces remain in the war zone. the u.s. announced it's suspending joint operations with afghan soldiers because of blue on green attacks.
4:03 am
that's where an american soldier hands over a gun to the afghan one and the afghan guy shoots him. 51 people have died that way. follow-up from the botched fast and furious operation far from over. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. some of the assault rifles, two weapons from the program linked to the murder of brian terry. things at american airline announcing it's canceling 300 flights through october. blaming the program on a surge of pilots calling in sick and crews are filing huge amounts of maintenance reports. they believe this is an attempt to punish the company because it recently sent 11,000 layoff notices to the employees. those are your headlines. >> brian: eight days later, the white house officially changing its tune and now saying the horrific attack on americans in
4:04 am
benghazi was the work of terrorists. rick leventhal live in jerusalem with more. they seem to be the last of the party. most everybody else, other networks and other investigators have thought about this all along. >> brian, from the very beginning there were questions about what really happened at the u.s. consulate in libya, since most protesters don't carry apg's and automatic weapons. the attack on the compound on the anniversary of 9-11 appeared well coordinated, carried out by a large group of heavily armed men. the violent assault leaving four dead, including chris stevens. initially white house spokesman jay carney said it was sparked by anger over an anti-muslim video, a protest that turned ugly. then on wednesday he adjusted his position. >> based on the information we had at the time, we have now, we do not yet have indication that it was preplanned or premeditated. there is an active investigation. if that active investigation
4:05 am
produces facts that lead to a different conclusion, we will make clear that that's where the investigation has led. >> yesterday on board air force one, jay carney tried to clear up any confusion. he said, quote, it is, i think, self-evident that what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. our embassy was attacked violently and the result was four deaths of american officials. so again, that's self-evident. that was jay carney yesterday. the f.b.i. is in libya assisting local authorities investigating what happened at that consulate and they're searching for those responsible. in indonesia and pakistan, protesters clashing with police, and elsewhere after friday prayers. muslim leaders called for calm, but the flag burning and anti-american chants continue. protesters set fire to two movie theaters and a toll booth. police responding with tear gas and batons and the security has
4:06 am
been beefed up at embassies across the region with more -- the possibility of more protests ahead. guys. >> gretchen: rick leventhal live in jerusalem, thank you. >> eric: let me point something out. a lot of the reason why it was the movie and it has been the movie is because a couple of weeks ago at the dnc, at the convention down there, joe biden said it, i'm not sure if president obama said it or not, but it was you ared quite a few times, osama bin laden is dead and gm is alive. a lot of this protest is at least what we're reading, is in response to the victory lap that the administration is taking for killing bin laden. so if you attach it to terrorism, if you attach to a preplanned attack, it heads back to the white house. if you blame the movie, it shields them from any blame. >> brian: i didn't think we'd be arguing on this level. i thought perpetrators is where we're going now rather than talk being was it terror. by the way, it's amazing, it wasn't self-evident on wednesday. but thursday, it's self-evident about the terrorist attack. it's also important, if you want
4:07 am
to know where this is coming from, flying a nonpolitical standpoint, pick up the weekly standard. the headline is, bin laden is dead, but al-qaeda is alive. they go into detail about the intelligence that al-qaeda has decided get the name low, but keep the philosophy and the militias going and they sent their guys right into libya to grow out cells. >> gretchen: the idea that this was a terrorist attack does not fit into the narrative of this administration. if you recall when they were campaigning back in 2008, the first thing when they became president was to stop calling the war on terror the war on terror. it went to overseas contingency operations and the fort hood shooting was a workplace violence instead of what it really was, which was terrorism. the arab spring was going to bring about total change throughout the muslim world, and also, the difference in approach to being more friendly to us minimums and some say apologizing was a totally
4:08 am
180-degree change from president bush. it does not fit into the narrative at all in a politically positive way for the president to call this a terrorist attack. >> eric: we got to move on, but there are a lot of reasons why it's better to call it the move -- blame the movie then call it a terrorist attack, including we missed it. >> gretchen: yesterday the president gave an interview where he was grilled on many different topics. there is one particular quote that was revealing and we want you to hear this to see what you think about the president and whether or not he should operate from inside or outside of washington. >> brian: in context, he was trying to come up with a reason why immigration reform has not been put to test yet or even presented. listen. >> most important lesson i've learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected and that's how the big accomplishments like health care got done was because we mobilized the american people to
4:09 am
speak out. that's how we were able to cut taxes for middle class families. >> brian: just not true. in fact, the ohm thing that got mobilized was the tea party. if there was no health care reform, the tea party would have been created, those town halls wouldn't have grown, and this whole movement wouldn't have taken root. >> eric: i just remember, you remember that big cherry wood door that all the negotiation was going on behind? we weren't privy to finding out what was going on, corn husker kickbacks, there were so many deals cut to get obamacare in place, it certainly wasn't the 65 or 70% of the american people who didn't grate with it. >> brian: he lost ted kennedy's seat because of that to scott brown. >> gretchen: one of the things that the romney camp caught attention to was the president saying you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. here is mitt romney responding to that. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender
4:10 am
again! he said he can't change washington from inside. he can only change it from outside. we're going to give him that chance in november! he's going outside! >> gretchen: also the obama campaign immediately went back into the archives and found this clip from mitt romney in 2007 that sounds very similar to what the president said about inside and outside. but here is the whole clip. listen and see what you think. >> center mccain, been there outside. >> eric: i'll take it. he's pointing to having some business experience outside. not the typical dc politics bs that goes onful you need fresh blood.
4:11 am
president obama was talking about something completely different. president obama can't say we want to change dc through the private sector or business sector because he's taking credit for the business sector success. remember using we did. he has a tissue view, an opposite view, that you change the economy, the business sector through dc regulation and politics. so you can't -- they're going to try and say that mitt romney was saying the same thing. they were saying exactly opposite things. >> gretchen: and don't you remember during 2008, part of the narrative of the whole campaign was to possibly choose somebody from the outside. remember that was a big deal four years ago. people were fed up with washington types and it was very attractive to see -- it's one of the reasons president obama was elected. >> brian: let's look at the polls that show did the president use the people to pass health care? do you oppose obamacare or for it? opposed 49%, in that case 2012. in 2010, 54%. the people were never for it. in favor of it, just 39%.
4:12 am
that still remains constant. the other thing is -- go ahead. >> eric: in 2010, if you add up oppose and don't know, you still have 66%. you have two-thirds of the voting of the public saying they are not in favor of it. >> brian: do you see what they're doing again? the obama administration has set up mitt romney. that line is scripted because they had the 2007 clip ready to go. in its context, it's totally different because mitt romney is on the outside. you can't, after four years in the white house, actually say i'm going to govern from the outside. that's called not winning reelection because you're on the inside whether you like it or not. now that the debate will happen on all the networks, did he say it in 2007? that's two more days of distraction. >> eric: any time you want me to break it downers i'll do it again. where he's talking about outside being business -- >> gretchen: but brian is saying that -- his point is one we've been talk being frequently on the show is that the obama campaign is very good at putting
4:13 am
out a very simplistic message that the american people glob on to -- >> eric: and romney bites into it. >> gretchen: we've got the panel coming up for a lot of these topics. next, she denied the attack in libya had anything o do with terrorism. but she was wrong. should ambassador susan rice to the united nations walk back her comments now? our political panel weighs in. >> brian: don't say cheese. new jersey drivers, new rules for new jersey drivers. not allowed to smile all multivitamins give me the basics.
4:14 am
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4:16 am
>> brian: since the attacks on the consulate in libya. members of the obama administration have been quick to dismiss the idea it was tied to terror. >> i'm not going to put labels on this until we have a complete
4:17 am
investigation. okay? >> so you don't regard it as an act of terrorism? >> i don't think we know enough. >> the best assessment we have today is the fact that this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> based on the information we have now, we don't have evidence that it was premeditated or preplanned. >> brian: now at least one member of the obama administration has had a change of heart. jay carney finally admitting it was an attack of terror, saying, quote, it is, i think, self-evident that what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. so this admission, is it time for ambassador rice, who appeared on five sunday news shows to walk back her earlier comments? let's go to our panel, jehmu green, judson phillips is here, the founder of the tea party nation, and an associate director. and michael halprin is here. jehmu, the administration, whys that taken eight days to change its tune? >> i think if you look at both of those clips, they said the information that we have right now, clearly the f.b.i. is on
4:18 am
the ground. we have more information. they're doing an investigation. and secretary clinton went to brief congressional members yesterday and she said very clearly that it is -- that it was a terrorist attack. but we still also have to be patient for the investigation to happen. the bigger picture is that democracies produce fewer terrorists than dictatorships. this process of creating democracy in the middle east is going to be messy. it's unfortunate we have a loss of life -- >> brian: it's also important to know how it took place so it doesn't happen again. eyewitnesses say there was no demonstration that morphed into an attack. they showed up with rpg's and there were two teams. >> right. there were two teams of attackers that suggest there was a team of ten, which attacked the embassy and a team of ten waiting for the ambassador to leave.
4:19 am
not only that, it seems that the head of al-qaeda sent a message. the mental was one of his videotapes. that was to say it's a green light. and that's the way these things work in al-qaeda. al-qaeda it alive. you see this -- the moral question is there is an intent, that means that there was premeditation, and that means mass murder. >> brian: you wonder where the security was. >> exactly. if it wasn't intent, then it was emotion. emotion is killing someone, but it doesn't have the same power. >> brian: with a rocket launcher that's usually not an emotional response. judson, should there be an apology for ambassador rice? >> there should be resignations. forget the apology because the real story here that's really, really disturbing is not only the terrorist attack, it's the attack by the obama regime against the insist amendment? >> brian: what do you mean? >> what's the attack? the islam movie. what's the immediate result? hillary clinton and all the obama people are apologizing because we have a first amendment in america and sometimes people get insulted with it.
4:20 am
well, guess what? that's too bad. in america, we have freedom. in lib y you don't have freedom. apologizing for our first amendment, i'm sorry. attacking our first amendment, there needs to be resignations over that. >> brian: we need to you stick around. we have more for the panel to discuss. this group has been trying to take down fox news for a while. turns out they've been communicating with the department of justice. so should the spokeswoman for the doj be fired? then the number of americans on food stamps is explodeing after the president waived a work requirement, the startling numbers next. are you okay, babe?
4:21 am
i'm fine. ♪ ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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4:24 am
>> gretchen: $70,000, that's how much the obama administration is spending on ads in pakistan to denounce an anti-islam film. next, over 1.9 million. that's how many able-bodies adults signed up for food stamps after president obama signed his stimulus law. last, $7.5 billion. that's how much will be spent to promote electric cars by 019. the cbo says it will have little to no impact on gas consumption. >> brian: secret collaborations between doj, tracy schmaler and media matters. their target? anyone who gets in the doj's way, now calls for the official's resignation are ramping up. >> not since richard nixon have we seen a president who puts together an enemy's list and has a whole team pursuing it. i think congress should address that tax loophole for entities that are not charities. she serves at the pleasure of
4:25 am
the president. these political appointees are put in to do the president's bidding. would i like to see her go? of course. i want to see the entire team packing their bags starting november 7. >> brian: panel still here. let's start with jehmu. what do you think should happen to this woman? does this collaboration bother you? >> first, i think representative darrell issa is talk about enemy's list is somewhat laughable. >> brian: why? >> he had president obama on his enemy's list since the day of his inauguration. >> brian: that's his charge of investigation. >> i didn't want to get into the weeds of should he be fired, but there is no problem with having ideology engage in a 501 c 3 organization. the media research center which is often featured on fox. >> brian: should they be with the department of justice? >> it's the same way many nonprofits talk to the various communities they're engaged with. half of the e-mails --
4:26 am
>> brian: you do in the think she should be fired? micah, do you think this is a situation where she has to be fired? >> i thiolase culture of washington we have to understand and the viewers have to see, it's called -- this movement from the work force into the government and from the government back into the work force. think tanks and other things. that's what we call connections. contacts, pull, influence. that's what happens in washington. so they're utilizing that. i think it went a little too far in terms of the topic and what was being discussed. that's what has to be investigated. the fact is that we all have contacts. >> brian: should media matters be the henchman for the justice department? >> for me, it's a little personal since i appeared on fox news a few months ago and immediately after that, tracy schmaler and media matters were exchanging e-mails on how to smear me on commenting on the fact that there should be an investigation on fast and furious. yeah, i think she should be fired. when i heard media matters was involved, i had to laugh because my first question was, what, is baghdad bob not available?
4:27 am
but it really -- when you have this kind of collaboration to smear private citizens for exercising their first amendment rights, houston, we really do have a problem here. >> brian: you think the bigger picture is the attorney general, jehmu? do you think he should be let go and this should be -- four years is enough? >> no. absolutely not. and i think what we have seen is that darrell issa and his committee, his republicans on this committee, that's been their agenda all along. even when the fast and furious report comes out and it's very clear that attorney general holder did not have this information, they're still want to go push for trying to continue this witch hunt against him. >> brian: i don't think darrell issa said to try khalid sheikh mohammed -- >> this requires tracy to step forward and resign. >> resignations, everyone should be fired. that's -- >> brian: thanks so much.
4:28 am
hopefully you won't get attacked after this appearance. it's probably likely. 3 # minutes before the top of the hour. it's illegal for congress to campaign for the president on the senate floor action but it sounds like harry reid is doing just that. we're going to play that for you. and country music star josh turner is here, the summer concert series ready to take place. he put the stage together himself. we rolled out the turf and he's going to close out the summer for us mornings aren't alwayserfect. that's why i give them carnationreakfast essentials. it'sacked with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein so kids get the nutrition they need to start the day right. carnation breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. like this, house minority leader needing a little help hammering a nail in. she keeps hammering away to no avail. and then in comes boehner, the blue class man. >> gretchen: she punched him! >> brian: he pounded it in with one shot. >> gretchen: watch this interaction. >> brian: let me show you how the speaker does it. bam. down goes the nail. >> eric: you know what they say? was he hammered there? >> gretchen: what? >> brian: gutfeldian. >> eric: thank you very much. >> brian: the question is, who is he building that stage for?
4:33 am
governor romney. >> eric: who built that? >> gretchen: actually i like the fact there were democrats and republicans working together. what an odd thought. okay. let's talk a little more about politics and something that's been talked about recently with kathleen sebelius, the secretary of health and human services and she's come under attack for campaigning when she's using taxpayer dollars, which is a no no. now the question is did senator harry reid just campaign op the senate floor and do something similar? listen to this. >> for months i believe mitt romney want to be president of all the united states. this week we learned mitt romney only wants to be president half of the united states. if mitt romney were president, he wouldn't waste time worrying about the 47% of americans who he believes are victims. romney believes they're unwilling to take personal responsibility. if you're a multi-millionaire, milosevic won't rest until you get a million dollars tax cut.
4:34 am
romney likes that. for all we know, mitt romney could be one of those who have paid no federal income tax. mitt romney believes in two sets of rules, one for millionaires and another for middle class and the poor. >> brian: i need to see more examples. i couldn't really tell. i'm trying to see, is it senator mitt romney? i'm trying find my notes. can you imagine being there like, can we talk about why i got elected? can we do something -- you would think he's got nothing on the agenda. they have to work through the weekend because they can't pass a spending bill. >> eric: later in the day, senator reid got mad at scott brown. he said scott brown was trying to waste time, so he didn't have to do his debate with elizabeth warren last night. he said, don't use the senate floor for this! but what was that? >> brian: yeah, he yelled out to speed it out because scott brown couldn't make his debate last night. that is just unbelievable! why is that acceptable? it's not the first time. he was saying mitt romney has no taxes. by the way, i have no evidence.
4:35 am
so everyone is saying he pays no taxes. >> gretchen: and also that was published. you would think that there might have been a little looking into that before it was published. >> brian: clown question. >> gretchen: yesterday during this univision interview, it was very interesting to me because i thought this -- these are some of the most hard hitting questions. >> brian: absolute israeli. >> gretchen: is it scary or sad that it's coming from univision. >> brian: since velma thought said i'm exhausted from defending you. >> gretchen: he was asked what his biggest failure has been and president obama said that it was not being able to pass immigration reform, but some people are wondering if it really should be about the economy and jobs. listen to this. >> well, as you remind me, my biggest failure so far is we haven't got comprehensive immigration reform done. so we're going to be continuing to work on that. [ applause ] but it's not for lack of trying or desire and i'm confident
4:36 am
we're going to accomplish that. >> brian: i think he got a total pass. earlier in the show, the anchor was relentless. he said you sat here in 2008 and you said you were going to pass immigration reform and you didn't keep that promise. he said i'm not king. i sat down with the republicans and said would someone co-sponsor and they wouldn't. compared to george bush. he have put together a plan and got vilified. but at least he could say here is my plan. president obama never put together a plan. he went to the border. that's his plan. >> eric: the question is, what's your biggest failure. it was not passing immigration reform, when his biggest failure really should be job, especially in the hispanic community, national unemployment 8.1%. but in the hispanic communities, it's 10.2, substantially higher than the rest of america as a whole. you want to talk about biggest failure, today especially with the hispanic community would be jobs. >> gretchen: let's kick off headlines. >> brian: you guys just sit
4:37 am
tight. republican presidential nominee mitt romney heading west today to campaign in nevada, california. why california? comes with romney and paul ryan are laying out their plans to strengthen medicare and putting president obama on the defense over raiding it to pay for obamacare. >> medicare by $716 billion and if i'm president of the united states, we're going to put that $716 billion back into medicare, back into the care of our seniors! what he has done to medicare to pay for obamacare is wrong. i will reverse it. i will save medicare and forget it for our seniors today and tomorrow! >> brian: i believe it was colorado where he's campaigning today, would make more sense. paul ryan will attend the aarp conference in new orleans with his mom, betty, whom he calls, quote, a medicare mom. >> eric: controversy heating up in texas after a school district
4:38 am
bans the high school cheerleaders from writing religious phrases on banners used to introduce the football team because an anonymous complaint. >> very fired up, kill the cougars. so if we say, you have power, god gives you the strength, then, i mean, that makes me want to do hard. >> you shouldn't mix things like religion and school because not everybody has the same religion. >> eric: kill the cougars is okay, but god gives you strength is bad. a judge just lifted the ban, but it's only temporary. a hearing scheduled in october so both sides can make their arguments. >> brian: thrill you get when you pose for your driver's license photo are officially against the rules in new jersey. >> we want a neutral smile or a neutral look or small smile. [ laughter ] hi, mom. look neutral.
4:39 am
the motor vehicle commission says it could interfere with facial recognition. >> eric: it's good thing gretchen lives in connecticut and not in new jersey 'cause she smiles big all the time. >> brian: give me a big neutral smile. >> gretchen: shear a smile four. i'm standing next to josh turner. you know his trademark baritone voice and i was -- and he was one of the youngest members of the grand ole opry. cracker barrel is sponsoring your tour now, right? >> cracker barrel is my sponsor for the second time. >> gretchen: listen to that voice. >> not only that, but we're promoting this alive across america album, my second project with cracker barrel. only available at the cracker barrel stores or, itunes and
4:40 am >> gretchen: what was it like to be named one of the youngest ever to the grand ole opry? >> it was great. i thought they were play ago prank on me at first. but it was great because i've always looked up to the opry as an institution and what it stands for and being a part of that family was a huge honor for me and it's a huge responsibility, too, because it's my job as a country artist to bring more fans to our style of music and the opry is a great place for people to see that kind of show. >> gretchen: speaking of family, you are a family guy. you're married and you have three young sons. >> yes. >> gretchen: what's it like for you when you have to be out on the road and away from your family? >> that's pretty rare actually. when i'm doing tv kind of stuff, i don't really take them with me. any time we're doing a full band show, we're out there on the bus, we're all together. my wife plays in my band ask we bring the boys with us. we're traveling as a family. >> gretchen: your wife plays in your band? >> absolute israeli. >> gretchen: what does she play? >> piano. >> gretchen: is she here with you today? >> she'll be here, yeah.
4:41 am
>> gretchen: one of the things brian and eric thought was so amazing was that you were actually out here bright and early this morning doing your own sound check. >> it wasn't very bright, but it was early. >> gretchen: no doubt. >> nobody out here. >> gretchen: but you want to make sure that everything is going to go just the way that you want it to go, right? >> oh, yeah. we got to make sure all this equipment is working and everything. make sure i sound good. >> gretchen: later on in our show, you're going to be singing for everyone here. what will you be singing? >> all kinds of stuff. we'll be singing "why don't we just dance,," all kinds of hits. >> gretchen: we'll look forward to that. josh turner is here and he'll be kick offer the last day of summer. can you believe it's the last day of summer? >> i'm kind of sad. >> gretchen: we're celebrating because you're here. we look forward to his performance. guys, back in to you in the studio. >> eric: get a pumpkin doughnut from dunkin dough naught, they're amazing. >> brian: thanks, josh. look forward to talk to you again. gretchen is going to come in. drivers listen up, the most
4:42 am
dangerous car on the road has just been revealed. >> eric: two americans held as prisoners in west africa, saved from death row. not by the president, by the reverend jesse jackson. we'll share that story next. >> brian: the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1971, this actor is the most famous for starring alongside will ferrell and vince vaughn and movie old school which was on last night. who is he? be the first with the correct answer oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more
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4:45 am
>> eric: couple headlines. ahmadinejab definitely won't get
4:46 am
a warm welcome this weekend in new york. protesters set to rally at the warwick hotel. it's confirmed, he's staying there for the u.n. general assembly coming up. and toyota named the most dangerous car on the market. you're most likely to get injured if you're in a yaris and you're in an accident. the safist car? gretchen's 9-11, porsche. >> gretchen: not true. i don't have one of those. let's move on. two americans in prison in the west african country of gambia were rescued by jesse jackson. they had been convicted of treason by the government there, feared for their lives, but are now safe, thanks to the reverend. here with more on this amazing story is peter johnson, jr. you're a friend of reverend jackson. >> i know him the last 20 years, met him with mayor in new york. this is a remarkable american story. american exceptionalism at its best. reverend jesse jackson intervened on behalf of two
4:47 am
muslim americans who were also citizens of what's called the gambia, the smallest country in south africa. they both were in jail for treason. up with for 20 years, one for life. one a veteran of the iraq war. one a university of tennessee professor. so he intervened in the wake of nine executions in august in the gambia and said, i need to pull these americans out. the state department has been work at it. but i think i can by my international reputation go there and get them out and he did. >> gretchen: wow. so this is not the first time he's done this. >> he's got an incredible history. >> gretchen: yugoslavia, now -- >> over three decades. remember lieutenant robert goodman. in talking to reverend jackson yesterday, i wasn't aware of it until yesterday and i met mr. jackson and the other two and they're in flip flops.
4:48 am
so reverend jackson is here and he said, well, how do we get some clothes for these poor americans, still trying to help these folks. i see it as a quintessential american story, americans helping americans, and you would have a baptist minister go to the gambia and release muslim americans, this is american foreign policy at its best and it's done by an individual american on his own. >> gretchen: let's hear from him. heard yesterday at the press conference. >> yeah. >> this time yesterday 37 people were planning to die. today they're planning to live. two men yesterday were planning to be in jail for a long time. today they have been set free. for that we're grateful. >> whether you like secrecy jackson or not, whether you agree with him or disagree with him, over a long important career in the civil rights era in this country, he is
4:49 am
continuing to be relevant. he has done this over three decades. what i thought to be particularly incredible about it, there is a young woman in kathleen foster, who is a producer here, field producer at fox news who went there with a camera, who got the story exclusively, who reported on it, who wrote on it, and who went to a country that is unsafe in very many respects for americans. so it was courage of faith. it was courage of journalism. it was the unique american spirit coming together to help people in need. so now families have been brought together. these two men will now have a new life in the united states and will continue. and they'll spread the word of liberty here in the united states and hopefully in the west gambia. i think it's a tremendous feel good story in a very difficult week for our people who are getting killed in the middle east. happy story in the middle east. >> gretchen: we all need -- >> kudos to jackson.
4:50 am
>> gretchen: we need more of those stories. have a fantastic weekend. >> you, too. >> gretchen: the iphone 5 about to go on sale ten minutes away. but clayton morris already got his paws on one of them. is it worth all the hype? >> it is. and i'm going to peel the plastic off live if a few minutes. >> gretchen: first on this day in 1983, maniac was -- "maniac" begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
4:51 am
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4:52 am
4:53 am
>> eric: the answer to the aflac trivia question is luke wilson, and the winner is katherine savage of san antonio, texas.
4:54 am
okay. so clayton was at the premiere of the irrigation phone -- iphone 5. he's with us to talk about what's new on the new iphone. >> all the people there in line, it goes on sale in seven minutes. that was the new york apple store. they've been camped out all night. i got my happened on one this morning. so this is a major redesign for the iphone. this is obviously the most popular smart phone in the world. here is an unboxing for you. it's their first big redesign of the iphone in five years of the iphone 5, taking the plastic off of. this it's lighter. noticeably lighter. i have it next to my current iphone 4 s. 20% lighter than the older iphone. it's industrial design, quite nice. it's almost like watch manufacturing. they use diamond cutting on the side. it has a brand-new camera inside. so it's improved pictures and low light. so when you get these sort of dark picture when is you're out with friends, it actually will show you how to get lower light resolution pictures. it's just a beautiful piece of
4:55 am
engineering. so everyone is wanting, should i upgrade to this phone? if you've been waiting, a lot of people were waiting their two-year contract out and that's why the lines are so big. >> eric: what about speed? >> speed is super fast. now it's running lte. if i jump on the internet, like fox, and just browsing the web is super fast compared to the 4 s. twice as fast as the previous iphones. you click on an article and notice how quickly it's loading. if you don't have lte in your neck of the woods, it won't be quite as fast. 199, same price point as the iphone 4 s currently is right now. and what's a great buy, people not talking about, is the iphone 4, two generations ago is now free. if you get a contract at your at and t store, verizon or sprint store, you can get an original or iphone 4 now for free, which is a huge deal in tough times. >> eric: what about data plans?
4:56 am
still 30 bucks a month? >> you can get a bunch of data plans. family sharing plans. you can get some that start as low as 29.99 a month, up to 49.99 a month and you can get different amounts of data. how much data are you using? if eric is using -- watching a loft video, you may want a higher data plan. >> eric: is the stronger phone going to triple out data? >> if you'll use more video, because it's lte, your data plan may notice that likely. you'll have to get a higher data plan. >> eric: any apps specific that you can't use on the 4? >> not really. everything is scaling up. you'll just notice it's going to take advantage of the higher screen because the screen is so much taller. so fox news working on their new app so we can get fuller, higher screen resolution. >> eric: we're going to leave it there. >> i'll be playing. it's like christmas morning. >> eric: we have a big show, coming up this hour, geraldo
4:57 am
rivera and governor rick perry, scott walker and rick scott, coming up. ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. [ man ] at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. [ female announcer ] and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie.
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. tgif. it is friday, september 21. i hope you're gonna have a fantastic day. i'm gretchen carlson. six days ago the white house insisted the attack in libya had nothing to do with terrorism. >> what this began as was a spontaneous, not premeditated, response to what had transpired in cairo. >> gretchen: so now we know that that statement is wrong. so was there lying or confusion or what was it? geraldo here to weigh in? >> eric: we know the attack had nothing to do with that anti-islam film, but that's not stopping the state department from apologizing for it. the sorry ad cost o'clock you,
5:01 am
me, taxpayers 70,000 bucks. >> brian: shocking moment on the soccer field when a player picks up a live grenade was thrown on the field. i don't know if he knew what it was. saved some people's lives. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ oh, baby why don't we just dance ♪ ♪ this little bitty living room ain't going to look like much ♪ ♪ before the lights go down we move the couch it's going to be more than enough ♪ ♪ my two left feet, two hearts
5:02 am
beating ♪ ♪ nobody's gonna see us ♪ oh, baby why don't we just dance ♪ ♪ down the hall maybe straight up the stairs ♪ ♪ bouncing off the walls ♪ floating on air ♪ baby ♪ why don't we just dance ♪ why don't we ♪ . >> gretchen: that's "why don't we just dance." >> brian: how many times have i said that. >> gretchen: he's asking to you get throughout and boogie down. >> brian: and maybe i will. >> gretchen: eric will join you. >> eric: why tonight we dance down the hallway and upstairs. i'm not sure why he wants to do that. >> brian: i'm not really sure. there is no time to dance sadly today because we have an unbelievable guest list. geraldo rivera will be here live. i have a sense. governor rick perry, scott walker, governor scott walker and governor rick scott all
5:03 am
together this hour to close out the week. >> gretchen: all right. and then we will actually hear josh turner sing a song in entirety outside to kick off the last day of summer. in the meantime, let's get to your head lines. nearly three years after it began, the surge is now overment the additional 33,000 military members sent to afghanistan are now home. leon panetta saying the surge did accomplish its objective of reversing the taliban momentum on the battlefield. 68,000 american forces remain in the war zone. earlier this weekers the u.s. announced that it's suspending those joint operations with afghan soldiers because of recent blue on green attacks that have left 501 people dead -- 51 people dead. the dark knight joker -- james holmes, here he is with short brown air and a beard. he seemed to pay attention and smile as prosecutors temporarily dropped their fight to get access to a notebook that he apparently september to his psychiatrist before the massacre. the notebook reportedly contains violent descriptions of a planned attack.
5:04 am
fallout from the botched fast and furious operation far from over. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms admitting they're 1300 guns unaccounted for. those guns in the u.s. and hex co. some of them are ak 47 assault rifles. two weapons from the program lead to the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. fox news alert. brand-new video in, out of the middle east, violence growing in iraq as protesters take to the streets burning the american flag. you can see them -- >> eric: israeli flag, too. >> gretchen: in response to the video, apparently, that surfaced last week. in pakistan, rioters torched a movie theater. the government declaring a public holiday so the people could come out and demonstrate and get the day off to do that. let's bring in geraldo rivera. where are you? i'm so used to seeing you here on the couch. >> brian: los angeles. >> i know. i miss you. i'm in los angeles.
5:05 am
>> gretchen: wow. bright and early for you. thanks for getting up so early for us. >> anything for you. >> brian: fine, do you mind if it's for us too? real quick, you know about the libyan attacks from eight days ago. most everybody said this was a planned terrorist attack, including eyewitnesses. the administration is just now coming around to saying that. and it could have been led, according to our reports, bay guy we had at gitmo up until 2007 who helped finance the 9-11 attacks. what is thed in argue doing? are they being deceptive or just being conservative? >> that's a great question, brian. i think you got a couple of things going on. first of all, you showed the flag burning in iraq and the holiday in pakistan. there is no doubt that this hateful anti-muslim film is being used to stir up huge anger among the mob in the arab streets. no doubt about that.
5:06 am
on the other hand, what happened in benghazi, libya, it seems as if the administration was either willfully blind about it or grossly naive in describing that as another spontaneous response to the film. it really does appear to be -- you know, i have firsthand experience in that country with all of the anarchy, all of the mobs, it does appear to be an al-qaeda or terrorist professional attack, a coordinated, combined arms attack and ambush on the consulate, the death of the ambassador, stevens in the consulate -- >> gretchen: geraldo, wait a minute, though. sorry. naive or calculated by the administration to send out susan surprise say on all five shows that it was a spontaneous reaction. you really think that was naive or calculated? >> well, i don't want to attribute malice to the administration or to ambassador rice. but it is clear that she was dead wrong and she was in many
5:07 am
ways kind of denying, you know, it's daylight out. it was really kind of embarrassing to watch her squirm there and i think that the obama administration is rightfully being criticized now for what was at least disingenuous. >> eric: disingenuous. there you go. that's more like it, geraldo. you spent the first two or three minutes of this interview saying, well, maybe they were mrs. informed. you know better. you were there. you know how tight the information is. there is no way they're just now eight, seven, eight days after the attacks realizing that this was a planned, preplanned attack in retaliation for president obama taking victory laps over killing bin laden. >> you take great leap, eric, as you customarily do. how do you know what the specific motivation was? >> eric: i don't. but i can certainly tell you it wasn't -- >> for example, we killed al libi, the libyan born terrorist in the tribal territories with a
5:08 am
drone strike. his older brother runs one of these militia/terrorist organizations in benghazi. it is clear that they are at war with us. i think that's really the headline and that's where ambassador rice really led us astray. we are at war with elements of al-qaeda in the muslim world generally and more specifically, in libya. these militia -- i was there and i said, be careful what you wish for in terms of the arab spring. vis-a-vis libya and vis-a-vis egypt because yes, we don't like gadhafi. yes, we don't like mubarak. but what's on the other side ofy troublesome. now it has come home to roost. who runs benghazi in eastern libya? it is the armed militias, many of whom are now infiltrated al-qaeda and -- >> eric: how can you know that and our ambassador doesn't know that? secretary of state doesn't know
5:09 am
it. >> her appearance last sunday were the single most embarrassing moment in terms of foreign affairs management by the obama administration in its history. >> brian: the other story is the security. he had no security. valerie jarrett had more security here if this country than stevens had in libya. in fact, the seals that came to help him weren't even assigned to this ambassador. so that shows on 9-11, we clearly were caught with our pants down. >> we were prepared in cairo and egypt because we started seeing the film around september 8. we knew the build-up to september 11 in egypt. that's why the embassy in egypt was evacuated. that's why everybody hunkered down and nobody was hurt in cairo. in benghazi, it seems to me that the ambassador, why in the world he was traveling around with such thin security, given that they had already had a half dozen attacks in libya,
5:10 am
terrorist attacks directed against us since april. so it does seem that's a state department issue. it does seem that they were woefully unprepared for what happened. >> gretchen: it would be interesting to see if he asked for more security. i want to direct your attention to the next topic. the state department is spending $70,000 on these ads that so far are being shown in pakistan, denouncing this anti-muslim american made film. so some people are wondering if this is yet another apology or is it the right thing to do to try and quell these protests? >> you know, gretchen, this film -- i can't emphasize enough, you have a society in the muslim world, you have obviously there is the educated elite, the secular aspects of that society. but there is a big, big hunk of the muslim world that's 100 years behind us in terms of political sophistication. these are folks easily enraged by something like this movie. i think there is wrong with
5:11 am
trying to tell the masses via television or the internet, hey, listen, this was some creepy person who put together this movie under false pretenses. it doesn't represent the people of the united states. >> brian: do you really think -- you know these people -- >> wait a second. to say in a sense, i'm looking at a smiley face. i don't actually see you. but to say that it is in any way denigrating the honor of the nobility of the united states to try to explain to that community that we didn't have it, we weren't insulting their religion. we weren't denigrating the prophet mohammed, there is nothing wrong with it. it's not an apology per say. it's an explanation on behalf of the people of the united states. >> brian: 30 second ad is not going to clarify with what these people burning our flag and trying to take over our embassy and you know that. >> what are you going to do, brian? i think let -- >> brian: news week has a
5:12 am
provocative cover. now i understand the french put out another cartoon of the how can we possible low rein in millions of people? we can't do enough apologies in the future! >> you're right. and yet, how are we in any way diminished by an attempt to -- >> eric: here is men and women on the battlefield dying for the country who don't want to hear that apology tour going on in pakistan, on pakinstani tv. >> eric, first of all, i know the men and women on the battlefield pretty well. >> eric: i know you do. >> having spent a lot of time. what they need less than anything is people burning korans, and people agitating a mob so that they are putting our people there in even graver danger than they are. there was more of a violent response in afghanistan, another country i know well, to the burning of the korans, for example, than to the civilian
5:13 am
deaths, the deaths of women and children by that staff sergeant who massacred that family, that response was relatively municipalitied compared to the hysterical reaction to the burning of the koran. that's the nature of that society. i said they have 100 years to evolve to catch up to anything like the sophistication of the west. we have to appreciate that in some ways, they are almost -- >> brian: we've been apologizing for 3 1/2 years of the they don't work. >> what do you do? you want to send more troops? you want to resurge? we have to be realistic. what are we going to do? have the marines occupy libya? i say less is more when it comes to the muslim world right now. we need our own domestic oil supply, something eric knows very well. we need our own energy and then let them evolve as a society. we can't micromanage the evolution of libya or afghanistan. we have to -- we did what we went to do. we killed the guy that killed us. >> gretchen: we got to wrap it up there 'cause we're going to a
5:14 am
hard break. have a good weekend. we'll be watching your show. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, i don't know what he said. but the obama campaign raves with how it saved the auto industry, but if it was such a success, then why is the industry losing so much money? charlie gas perino is on -- gasparino is on deck it'sacked with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein so kids get the nutrition they need to start the day right. carnation breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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5:17 am
>> we rescued the automobile industry! >> gm is number one again and american auto has come roaring back. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> brian: you heard that over and over and over again from the white house, how they saved general motors with the multi million dollar taxpayer bailout. now things are getting kind of awkward between the obama administration and the auto maker. >> eric: general motors wants the deposit to sell their share and stop trying to control the company. "fox business" network charlie gasparino knows the story. gm says the government, sell it now, even though we'd be taking a big loss.
5:18 am
>> right. i think gm from a purely financial standpoint is saying we're never going to make this a great company of the we're not going to return it to its past glory, unless government is out. these guys are particularly bad at central planning. you seen what they did with the stimulus failure. even liberals saying, completely mismanaged. if they can't do the stimulus package, there is no way they're going to do anything with the car company. if they sold now, based on the stock price, they would take a $15 billion loss. the stock would almost have to double from its current price for them to break even. >> brian: in other words, for them to be successful, they got to start making their own decisions. for them to be successful, they might have to lean out the company that could result in layoffs. do you think the obama administration wants layoffs? >> no, but there is no other choice. one of the problems -- this is the problem with bailing out failing businesses, is that it cut deals with the unions that
5:19 am
were so bad that the company really couldn't survive. the pension packages basically had no show jobs. if you got laid off, you go to the jobs banks, you sit there and collect a check. it was a completely warped business model for a profitable company. companies like that will never survive. so maybe we should be bailing out every company that fails, but say it as it is. these are not good deals for the taxpayers. >> eric: full disclosure, i own gm stock. >> why did you buy it? >> i hope the american economy was coming around. i did. but i wouldn't sell my stock now. why should the government at a loss? >> well, listen, it's a -- you're right, the government shouldn't sell it at a loss, but they shouldn't be in it in the first place. do you really think -- there is no way they could run this company. but you know, i don't feel sorry for gm management. they went to the obama administration with hat in hand. >> brian: i look forward to seeing you again. hope you and eric get along better in the future. up next on the run down, we step
5:20 am
into the ring with a tiger trainer. he attempts a trick he has never done before in front of our cameras. >> eric: and governor mitt romney says he will create 12 million jobs if he's elected president. but how will he got that job done? we ask governors rick perry, scott walker and rick scott. but first, josh turner performing "me and god." ♪ me and god ♪ one day we'll live together where the angels to do ♪ ♪ me and god ♪ everybody clap your hands. ♪ early in the morning talking it over ♪ ♪ me and god ♪ late at night talking it over ♪ ♪ me and god ♪ you could say we're like two peas in a pod ♪ ♪ me and god ♪ me and my
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> brian: quick headlines. shocking video out of iran. you got a soccer player unknowingly picking up a live grenade and tossing it to the side. he thought it was deimpeachment then it explodes. officials say someone in the crowd tossed it op the field. i'll go with that neary. the game was called and no one was hurt. kato kaelin now backtracking after telling the "new york post" that he knows o.j. did it. he says he believes o.j. is guilty. but has no proof. gretch, i'll follow that story. ♪ >> gretchen: we have a special program here at fox news. it's called the ails apprentice program started by our own chairman and ceo.
5:25 am
it supports minorities inside the twiss news -- the news history. we bring think special series featuring inspirational people inside the hispanic latinoment community. great to see new person. i think this might be the first time because you're always on the road covering the big news events. now you're going to tell bus this wonderful partnership that we have. right? >> absolutely. this is actually a wonderful series that we're doing here. it's wonderful to be here. our first story really exemplifies the passion and fearlessness of the hispanic community. a sixth generation circus performer. but unlike many of his ancestors, he makes his living in a tiger's den, risking his life to reach for his dreams. what's it like to perform face to takes with a giant bengal tiger? >> very exciting.
5:26 am
it's very exciting. i love it when i do it. all right. >> are you nervous at all when you're in there with them? >> no. i told you i feel it sometimes more safer inside the tiger's cage than outside. all right. >> we visited him in dallas before a recent performance with the ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus. always looking to tweak his act, he tried this new trick for the first time in front of our cameras. >> i never put in the show. i never put it anything. it's the first time. somebody looking at this exercise. >> during, but never fully out of danger, he's got plenty of nicks to provedo you have some ? >> a lot. you see in my face. i have one over here, the tiger.
5:27 am
i have one here. >> that doesn't scare you? >> sometimes i scare more my wife 'cause i no scared work for the tiger. i scared more my wifement why you too close? but when you work in the ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus, you make it exciting. sometimes you pass in this >> born in chile with the circus in his blood, he came from a long line of acrobats. like his grandfather, he was drawn to the tigers and grew up idolizing gunther gable williams. >> i look at this guy as oh, man, look at this guy. he's amazing. >> your mother didn't want to you work with the tigers? >> no, no. not too much. no. no, because i have too much
5:28 am
every day, like that from my father. i don't want this for my son. >> but unwilling to let go of his dreams, he spent every waking moment studying the tiger trainers by day and then practicing what he had learned by night. >> when the lead guy parks i go and see and looking and looking what did this guy do. in the night, i go. i get one side, like that. >> you were sneaking into the cages? you were just sneaking around? >> oh, yeah, yeah. like a little kid. >> then he got his chance. the regular tiger trainer was running late and the audience was getting restless. >> all the show ready. the tiger cage is set up and the guy no coming for the show. i say, can i work it? one, 14-year-old guy, no, no, no, no. i say okay.
5:29 am
come on, let's go. i want to do it. open the cage. i go. >> after a 20-year career through south and central america, a chance meeting with the producer kenneth filled almost ten years ago led him to ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus where he trains horse, elephants and his beloved tigers. he also travels on the road with his family. 16-year-old tabitha is a hula hoop star and his son wants to follow in his footsteps. they mean more to him than anything. >> he's very important pause i have one very dangerous job. every day i have miff time. i love my son, my love my daughter, i love my wife. i love everything i have because you never know what possible
5:30 am
happen in the tiger cage. >> what do you want people to take from your story? >> doing the best, put the best every time. you want to go be lawyer, be honest, and good lawyer. you want to go use the broom for clean the back room, you want to go be the best broom clean. nobody, nobody give to you nothing. you needing working for whatever you want. you need go follow whatever you want you dream. >> in its 142 year history, he's the first latino to become a lead animal trainer for the ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus. next week, you'll meet the spunky former tennis star who won grand slam championships with her doubles partner, billie jean king, but made her mark in the tennis world by fighting for women's rights and demanding equal pay for equal play.
5:31 am
and spending time with each and every up with of these people was spectacular. >> gretchen: what an inspiration he was and a dangerous job. >> very dangerous. >> gretchen: an inspiration. he talks a lot about hard work. >> very important. he works very hard. >> gretchen: thanks so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: if you would like to see more stories celebrating hispanic heritage month, visit coming up on "fox & friends," president obama revealing his biggest failure. it's his failure to create jobs, right? no. we're going to tell what you he said. plus, a drowning baby goat, watch this video, saved by another hero animal. you've got to see who comes to the rescue. >> goat in the water. at... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
5:32 am
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>> the most important lesson i've learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected and that's how the big accomplishment like health care got done was because we mobilized the american people to speak out. that's how we were able to cut taxes for middle class families. >> gretchen: so the president yesterday in a hard hitting univision interview, tough questions, actually in this interview, and he was saying that you can't get anything done in washington from the inside, from the outside and he pointed to health care as something he did from the outside with the
5:36 am
help of the people. but yet, when you look at the polls, it shows that most americans are still not favorable when it comes to obamacare and some people still believe many that it was a back door deal that was forced upon people that really didn't want it. these are the latest poll numbers now. 49% oppose in 2012, compared to 2010, 54%. the favorability is still the same. 39%. >> brian: big picture is, doesn't look like peopleible mobilized. the own thing mobilized was the tea party. you could argue ted kennedy's seat went toward the republican party because it was so unpopular because that was the special election that scott brown ended up winning. >> eric: if you add the people who are opposed with the poll back up for a second, people back in 2010, 66% don't like it. do we have it? anyway, if you add the opposed to don't know, you have 66%. then it's 56% now.
5:37 am
again, the majority of people are not in favor of obamacare any way you slice it. >> brian: that whole thing of you got to be on the inside to fix what's on the inside, that was something that mitt romney brought up yesterday. listen. >> john mccain been in washington 27 years. so he certainly has political skill, but i believe that at this time to change washington, it would be helpful to have somebody who comes with more private sector kill, skill, experience outside washington. i don't think you change washington from the inside, but you change it from the outside. >> gretchen: so if do you explaining here 'cause it's a bit complicated. the president yesterday said you can not fix washington from the inside, you can only do it fromment outside. and mitt romney's camp and he came out and said, well, that's silly. you should be able to fix washington from the inside, especially when you had all democrats in the house and senate for the first two years of the administration. then the obama came back and saw that tape you saw from 2007 where mitt romney said the same thing, you can't fix washington
5:38 am
from the inside, only from the outside, except that there is a bit of a different context in what he was saying there. >> brian: it's all a set-up. the president to me, it sounds like eight times, he has it set-up, the romney camp goes i'm going to capitalize on this, which is fine. then out comes this tape from 2007 that shows he said something similar but not clearly different, but said those words when he was taking on john mccain. all those years of experience. >> eric: again, they're talking apples and oranges and maybe they did bait mitt romney into saying what he was saying in response to president obama saying you can't fix washington from the inside. it has to be done from the outside, knowing romney would say it -- he had said it beforement who cares? they're talking apples and oranges. president obama was talking about fixing washington from the outside, inside, outside, based on passing obamacare. he's trying to lay claim that the american people wanted obamacare when the polls after poll shows they don't want it. mitt romney is talking about
5:39 am
fixing the way business is done in washington by bringing outsider in who has business experience. apples and oranges. >> gretchen: see how long it took to explain it all. that's the whole point. the obama campaign is very good about getting simplistic answers out. when asked what his biggest failure was, he said not passing immigration reform instead of -- >> brian: in context, he said that because he got grilled because he broke a promise to that very host from 2008 and he got a big laugh after that because that guy was all ticked off. >> eric: right. as you pointed out, while he's speaking to the univision audience, largely hispanic audience, the hispanic audience should realize that under president obama, 10.2% unemployment in the hispanic community, far higher than the national average. >> gretchen: republican senator scott brown and elizabeth warren square off in the first of four debates for the massachusetts senate seat. it's one of the hardest fought senate races in the country.
5:40 am
>> businesses and individuals are scared because of your policies of raising up to $3.4 trillion on the backs of our hard work citizens. and that's something that the people watching are going to have to pay for. >> i want to be clear about this tax number that the senator has come up with. it's not real. and he's just made up these numbers. >> gretchen: the latest university of massachusetts poll shows brown with a slight lead over warren with 49%. warren 45%. it has a 5.5% margin of error. brian? >> brian: baby goat in trouble. have no fear, there is a pig there. you can hear the baby goat crying out, struggling to keep his head above water. this is not a made for tv moment. in comes the pig to save the goat. you couldn't do this at warner brothers. that's incredible. all right.
5:41 am
to safety they go. we'll follow that story and see what kinds of lives they both go on to live. >> eric: up next, we sit down with governor rick so the, scott walker and rick perry. how would they create jobs in this country? all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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5:44 am
>> brian: governor mitt romney promises to put memories back to work if he's elected president. but how can he create 12 million jobs as he promised? let's can three men who had great track records in their states making tough decisions and being fiscally responsible. three republican governors joining us right now. governor scott walker, governor rick perry of texas, and governor rick scott of florida. let's start with you, governor walker. what do you think the message could be -- what could governor romney take from you that would help him an the national scene
5:45 am
from what you've done in wisconsin? >> in our state we won a second time the two years mainly because not only republicans and conservatives, but a whole lot of independent swing voters realized what they want more than anything is leadership in tough times. we face an economic and fiscal crisis in our state. we took it head on. i think in america, people realize we're not getting leadership out of the current president and if we had a leader out there willing to take on those tough issue, i think he could win. that's what mitt romney needs to be talking about. >> brian: governor scott, when things got tough, you paid for it in your popularity poll, but they're coming back up. you made tough decisions when it came to spending. can you run for president and make those same, tell america they got to tighten their belt? >> absolutely. my race in 2010 is exactly the same as the race this year. takes all about jobs. we know that -- basically want to do what governor perry has done. that's what we did in our first 20 months, we generated 130,000
5:46 am
private sector jobs. so biggest drop in unemployment. so that's what you have to be doing, talk about why you're going -- how you're going to turn the economy around. >> brian: governor perry, one thing about golf knee, he gets distracted easy because the obama administration will get him off defending a statement or capitalizing on things and getting away from what you've done best and that's create jobs and bring in business. >> i think that's why these governors that are highly successful across the country and it's interesting, most of those governors are republicans in putting tax policies, regulatory policy in place. as we travel across the country and talk about what we're doing and the relationship between those states and what it ought to be with washington, d.c. w a president like mitt romney who understands the importance of giving the states more freedom to make decisions, whether it's about health care, whether it's about education, whether it's about transportation infrastructure policies. that's what mitt romney is all about and that's why if this country is to get back on track,
5:47 am
mitt romney has got to be the president and then these governors are given even more freedom to put into place the policies that are work in their home states. >> brian: in the next 46 days, governor walker, do you think the governor of -- former governor of massachusetts will take your advice and the template you put forward? 'cause you've been critical in the past because he really hasn't. >> i certainly think one of the best moves he made was when he picked paul ryan, not just because he's a fellow cheese head, but nice to be at a stadium where we won the super bowl a year and a half ago. not because of that, but because in the ends, it said not only a lot about paul ryan, it said a lot about mitt romney that he was willing to be bold and aggressive and take on our nation's problems and that's exactly what he's going to get with a partner like paul ryan. i think he needs to build on that now to show he's got a plan to create more jobs in the private sector and get the budget balanced. those are the things that aren't happening in washington today and we need to make them happen. >> brian: governor scott, can you tell me what's going on with the chinese investment summit that you're putting together? >> look, we want more investment
5:48 am
in our state. all of our states do and we're all competing. that's what makes us all better. there is a group of chinese investors that are traveling the country. they're here in texas today. and so we're all here talking to them about why they should come to each of our states and why they should come to our country. we have to understand that while we're all competing for this, we're competing in a global marketplace. we can't continue the process that president obama has taken us down of higher taxes, more rex, antibusiness attitude. we've got to say we like businesses and we want them to succeed in our country. clearly in our state. >> brian: governor perry, i heard you said you don't have to see the rest of the country. you're in texas now. just stay here. bring all the business. 'cause you've had an unbelievable success ratio of attracting business. governor walker scott and walker, if governor romney wants to win, he'll utilize you guys throughout the next 45 days. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, josh turner hits the stage to perform a single from his brand-new album. first let's check in with
5:49 am
another great singer, martha mccallum. >> hey there. good morning. there is growing mystery about what really happened in benghazi. we've got new details, congressman mckeon was in the most recently classified briefing. he joins us. and big questions are surfacing about the two former navy seals and they were killed in that raid, as you know. we'll speak to one of their close friends. he's got a lot he wants answered about that night. all of that coming up at the top of the hour on "america's newsroom" g ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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>> gretchen: it's the last day of summer. we're celebrating with josh turner with our all american concert series. you got to stop signing autographs 'cause you got to sing! >> brian: it's your time!
5:53 am
south dakota loves josh. >> gretchen: very cute. he's going to sing "will you go with me." here is josh turner. >> brian: he should relax a little. ♪ ♪ ♪ you go with me ♪ ♪ if we're all down the street on fire ♪ ♪ would you hold on to me tighter ♪ ♪ as the summer comes down higher ♪ ♪ we roll from town to town and never shut it down ♪
5:54 am
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>> gretchen: we're back with josh turner and eric has a special guest. >> eric: guess who this is. josh's wife, jennifer. >> good morning. >> not too close there. >> gretchen: it's nice to have your wife in the band, right? >> absolutely. >> brian: she's ready to go home. yo


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